January 20, 2022

Tweeting sympathy will not manage Disaster

Disasters disrupt progress and destroy the hard-earned fruits of painstaking developmental efforts. Thus efficient management of disaster rather than mere response to their occurrence should be given increased attention. These days whenever there is a news of any natural calamity, social media becomes flooded with messages of heartfelt sympathies. It is in vogue to tweet our sympathies. There is nothing bad in that from those who are not in position to help those in distress. But the people who are capable enough like those from the communities of businesses,films, sports and media, should not only have the empathy for the people in a desperate plight but they must take an active part in the reconstruction process.

From the government’s point of view now its time for a paradigm shift from relief-centric response to a proactive prevention, mitigation and preparedness driven approach to minimise loss of life, livelihood and property. Unlike man made disasters, natural hazards can not be avoided however with mitigation measures alongwith proper planning of developmental work in the risk prone area, these hazards can be prevented from turning into disasters. Relief is an overarching system of facilitation of assistance to the victims for their rehabilitation and hence should be prompt, adequate and of approved standards.

All the sections of a country where the disaster has occurred, need to stay focused on the needs of reconstruction phase, as with the passage of time, the sense of urgency gets diluted.

Image Credit : Niranjan Shrestha — AP

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