January 20, 2022

Signature Campaign ended at DM office in Lalitpur

After 2 days of vigorous signature campaign, 3rd an 4th day of the initiative was spent in taking pictures and making videos of the Pradhan Mantri sadak from Narahat Via Patha to Mehroni. This 31 kilometer long stretch was pictured and filmed in two days so that we may arrange a virtual visit for district officials and higher authorities if required. There was not any unprecedented support from the elected representatives as was expected, but we were successful in awaring locals in true sense of being awared. On Monday(15-06-2015), Our RaiseThyVoice team ( Sandeep , Firoz, Rahul, saurabh, Sandeep and Akshay) visited the Collector’s office in Lalitpur. Though the timing of DM’s meeting to public starts at 10 am on Monday and ends at 12 pm, Mr. DM arrived just before 12 and hence we had very little time to speak on our problems. We showed him some pictures and he agreed with us about the very bad condition of the road. He told us that he had travelled the road many a times. We requested him to make orders for the repairing of the road. But it seemed he was as helpless as were we. He said that he had already forwarded the proposal to higher authorities but the budget had not been passed till then. As we had very less time , we submitted signed petition attatched with the application and decided to visit the office again on alternate Monday(29-06-2015) to remind him. Now we plan to meet him with prior intimation through an LIU so that we are given enough time to place our concerns before him.
Mr. DM were very impressed with our organization and very much liked the initiative we have taken and told us to tell him if any help required in the future. That one thing was very motivating for our team.
The team is planning for next course of action and once finalized will be shared. For now it is definite that we are going to meet our DM again on Monday(29-06-2015).


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