November 28, 2021

SDM (Mehroni) visited Patha on Village Health Nutrition Day (Wednesday, 08/07/2015)

The VHND is organized once every month (preferably on Wednesdays, and for those villages that have been left out, on any other day of the same month) at the AWC(Angan Wadi Center) in the village. SDM visited village Patha for inspecting the work progress and monitoring the implementation and to ensure it. She inspected the medicines with the Superintendent of Samudayik Swasthya Kendra, Mehroni. Maternal Health, Child Health, Family Planning, Reproductive Tract Infections and Sexually Transmitted Infection, Sanitation, Communicable Diseases, Health Promotion, Nutrition are the services generally provided during the VHND. As usual there were no preparations made earlier, and everything was very unorganized. villagers were not informed in advance, hence mothers and children reached in very less numbers. Madam reprimanded Ashas and ANMs that they must inform the villagers and Pradhan in advance a day before so that they may reach the venue on scheduled day. Our Pradhan was the most careless and the least interested individual present there. He could not even arrange the chairs and tables for the camp. Then RaiseThyVoice team managed to arrange the furniture from a near by school. Madam herself stayed there for more than two hours and was bit surprising for us as none of the administrative officers in recent years took so much interest and invested this much of time in a village for a routine activity.
RaiseThyVoice team asked our Gram Pradhan to discuss some important problems and raise genuine demands with the officer but he was not concerned. Then We had to take the initiative. We asked about the possibility of establishing a Primary Health Care Unit in Patha but the size of population could not met the required criterion. Then we discussed about weekly availability of an MBBS officer on rotation basis but then she cited about the less numbers of staff available with the health department. In the end we came to the conclusion, that since we have 4 AWCs in our village and every center will have once in a month VHND organized then overall in our village we have four days one week apart and the officials will see not only to the maternal and child health but the general public also. Till now when the VHND was much about the women and children, now it will also provide health care services to all needy individuals.
RaiseThyVoice team also enquired about the progress made by the authorities in Pradhan Mantri Sadak case and in case of Non-completion and construction of High School building. She briefed about the actions taken by her and we were more or less satisfied with the work done on her part. RaiseThyVoice team told her about our “NO ROAD NO VOTE” signature campaign and reminded her that if no concrete action will be taken in near future, we will have no other option but to Boycott the Election.


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