October 24, 2021

Rozgar Diwas meeting organised by RaiseThyVoice team on 15/08/2015

Rozgar Diwas is at least a monthly event organized possibly at the ward level presided over by the ward member with representation of atleast 25% of the registered ward job card holders in the ward. The event is for registering demand for work,issue of job cards, allocation of work, disclosure of information, payment of wages, payment of unemployment allowance, etc. and to generate awareness about the programme. At this event, the Ward Panchayat should pro-actively invite applications for work from potential workers for the current as well subsequent quarters.
Like Gram Sabha meeting, Rozgar Diwas has become a ceremonial happening in Paper Democracy.
While it should be organized once in a month, it has never been organized in Patha and we are sure that similar situations exist in whole District of Lalitpur. I do not understand what has been the implementing agencies doing for so many years. District Programme Officer must ensure that these Diwas are organized at every panchayat in the District. But nothing is being done in this regard. Now when we find officials as helpless as the citizens, we though get dejected but at the same time get motivated to do what we can do on our part. So alright, we can organize Rozgar Diwas, if we can not issue job card or allocate the work, then we can provide information that how to apply for job card and where and how to ask for work? What if job card is not issued and employment is not provided? And we did the same. And first reaction came from the Gram Pradhan as was expected. He was so furious with us that he came in and started shouting, talking non-sense and challenging us by asking what we had done for the village and that we were just misleading people by giving false hopes at the crucial time when elections were at doorsteps. We managed him patiently, told him that we were not giving false hopes but the right information and educating people about their livelihood rights. Though he was angry, but got no reaction from us and hence went away. Every corrupt person will always want that people remain unaware and unorganized. Then We explained in detail all the provisions of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. The problems that we knew already were encountered by us. New job cards were not issued for 30 percent of those present, Job cards were not renewed of those whose expired in 2011-12(40 percent of those present), and those who got job card were not alloted any work but still had their job cards filled with the details of work, which means somebody else worked on their job cards…then it is sure that those who worked on others job cards will not get their dues as they have no recorded proof that they have worked…and those who have not worked will get petty hundred rupees for they have not worked but the work was alloted on their cards. Many more things, many irregularitie… just can not write evrything. I am filled with anger and at the same time have been rendered helpless by the administration. We have only hope in SDM office, let us see how she could help us when we meet her next time.
Till then, my team…please take care of yourselves. Corrupt people will want fight us down. Just do not fall prey as they might incite us…will humiliate us…might attack us..Get ready to pay the price for our society but I know that this team will use their anger to motivate themselves and prepare themselves for bigger fights ahead.
One line from upcoming movie Mountain Man will sum it up——-“JAB TAK TODENGE NAHI, TAB TAK CHHODENGE NAHI”.


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