January 20, 2022

RaiseThyVoice to CleanThyVillage

RaiseThyVoice team has decided to take the subject of cleanliness with utmost seriousness. We took pledge to clean our village and spread awareness in nearby villages by setting example of “Swacchha Patha Swastha Patha”. Team in this respect met our Gram Pradhan and he has promised to cooperate in all practical and official purposes. We have made a schedule for our Safai Karmachari in consultation with Gram Pradhan, Safaiwala and villagers.IMG_20150709_222548_1
All government premises are included for everyday’s cleaning. Rest of muhallas are given weekly turn. Yet we know that this only will not help us in achieving our goals as only one safai karmchari is available for large-populated village and he too is least concerned with the swacchhta abhiyan. He is also not well equipped and has no trolley available to carry the waste. And the most interesting is that we have no place to dump the waste. RaiseThyVoice had discussed these issues with Gram Pradhan and he had assured us about the trolley and one big dumping hole at the outskirts of the village. If safai karmcahri does not cooperate with us, we will bring this issue to the notice of authorities and simultaneously take this job in our own hands, will visit mohalla by mohalla, spread the message and will urge them to cooperate with us.IMG_20150706_112456
Whatever be the circumstances, we are determined enough to clean our village and spread the message to near by villages that we can not afford to look at the authorities for everything always, though they must be accountable and sincere in their duties, yet we are not only to complain but also to find a solution in case none is available to our problem.


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