January 20, 2022

Batch 2011, Rank 31, SDM (Mehroni) YASHU RUSTAGI (IAS)- New Hope

As was scheduled, RaiseThyVoice team toady visited the office of DM in Lalitpur. But the day started on a not very good note and the DM was not in the city and was reported that he had gone to Lucknow for the official meeting. ADM was present in the office. We submitted the application to him. The application was addressed to DM, in which we have written that since the officials and our elected representatives are not of any help to us in regard of the Pradhan Mantri Sadak, our organisation has decided to boycott the upcoming elections. And we also wrote to them that if no action would be taken soon, our volunteers and members will aware the general public and villagers about their rights and basic amenities guaranteed to them by Constitution and laws. And in the end public will be involved in our Non-Cooperation movement which will manifest in the form of boycotting of elections and non casting of votes.

ADM received the application. But we were not given any assurance on part of the office. Then We decided to visit the office of our SDM in Mehroni. And then it was just all wonderful experience. We reached late at 2.30 pm (from Lalitpur to Mehroni 37 kilometers), but the SDM was there yet to had her lunch, we entered and she stood up to go for her lunch, and told us to submit the application to steno or wait for an hour. No one was sure that whether she would return or not for todays work as she had joined yesterday only. But we decided to wait and wait turned fruitful. She came back at 4 pm and was surprised to see us still sitting there. She enquired about our problem, and then we submitted to her an application attached with the xeroxed application already given to DM and all signed xeroxed petitions.

She straightforward called her steno, asked concerned officals’ phone numbers, called them at once, enquired about the present status of the road, got typed the notice to officials asking information about the duration since when the road was constructed, after the cancellation of bonds of thekedaar what has been done, in case tenders were not received then the government department to which the road was transferred, the date of transfer, the length of the road transferred, the parts still not transferred to any authority and what has PWD done to the transferred part, has it repaired or not. These are the questions which have to be answered by concerned authorities, we showed her some pictures and told her that nothing has been done by PWD in this regard. She assured us that if nothing has been done, then after receipt of information, she will order to issue a notice to PWD and other concerned authorities in this regard including RRDA(Rural Road Development Authority). She also asked to submit the pictures of the road, we told her to do so by tomorrow as we did not have the hardcopies then.

This was the response that we have always expected from any authority in office and the wait was finally over. A newly trained IAS, posted in the capacity of SDM has won our hearts as an officer. She was quick, authoritative and sensible in her response. We thanked her. She asked for any other help required, we said no for now but very soon. Now the team will again visit her office tomorrow and submit the photographs of the road and will raise one new issue till the information about the road is received but will continue to meet villagers to garner their support in case we are required to launch the No Vote campaign.

Our RaiseThyVoice team deserve all praise. They have found time from their routine daily work for the good of public. All, including Sandeep, Rahul, Firoz, Saurabh, Sandeep(Gajaanan) have done their part sincerely and dutifully. Well done team! Todays almost 90 kilometers of journey was though physically tiring, yet all agreed, it was mentally satisfying and refreshing in the end.


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