October 25, 2021


RaiseThyVoice in spite of its varied fields of interests to work for people, has always stressed upon making education a primary pillar of social development. Thus the constitution of the NGO has explicit mention that there shall be an Educational Wing of the RaiseThyVoice namely Eduleaps which will primarily be striving to improve learning levels in upper primary classes of Government schools and shall make all possible efforts to ensure Equity and Quality in education and make it affordable. Eduleaps Project is run by a group of few dedicated individuals from varied fields of interest, especially Govt.teachers, working in an innovative manner to help improve learning outcomes in Govt schools. All are associated with Eduleaps Project on a voluntary basis and none of them hold any elective or for-profit post. All educational exercises under Eduleaps are directed by a member RaiseThyVoice.

Eduleaps wing of RaiseThyVoice is currently running two projects;

One mentioned above is Eduleaps Project which has two aspect of LEAP and LEAD.


Another Project is Wise Five (Wi-Five) which is in the offing and it shall kick start this session 2017-18.