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The 2005 act says that it empowers the citizens, promotes transparency and accountability in the working of government, and combats corruption. The act aims at creating an informed citizenry which would be be better equipped to keep vigil on the government and make it more accountable.

Kanoon ke jaankar maante hain ki is kaanoon se bhrastachar mitaane me madad milegi, sarkaari kaamkaj jyada paardarshi hoga aur sarkaar adhik uttardayi banegi.

Apko kya lagta hai kya ye kaanoon sahi me bhrastachar rokne me safal raha hai? Kya aapne kabhi is kaanoon ka prayog kiya hai aur RTI daali hai? Is kaanoon me aur aise kya badlaao kiye ja sakte hai jisse ye kaanoon aur adhik prabhaawi ban sake?

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4 Responses

  1. Daidipya Singh says:

    i urge you personally,most of us not aware how to use RTI, make a post where you write simple few steps to use RTI

  2. Daidipya Singh says:

    thank you , it ll be very helpfull

  3. Daidipya Singh says:

    ll you do one more favor, post a similar format in english too,so can be handy for english people too

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