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3 Responses

  1. Abhishek Roy says:

    the delhi paper was very easy. one cannot jst imagine.. n english paper was olmst equal..

    today i have written application to honourable PM,Regional Director (SSC NER ),Director SSC (Delhi), Officer in-charge DoPT suggesting for normalization of both the papers, else it would be an injustice..

    • Akshay says:

      Though it seems very clear by just looking at the two sets of paper that the one held in Delhi was quite easier than that of other regions. Yet just writing to high offices is not gonna help. People who feel the same must come together and decide collectively on what should be the future course of action.

  2. ahmad nawaz says:

    I have also filed rti about no of candidate appears in different shifts of 19 n 26 in scored 120+ in diffrend shifts…. I think most of high scorers were in 26 .reply could strong base for demand for normalization in court… SSC won’t consider suggestion of normalization.. Unless we go to court for it

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