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‘We can only be an effective representative organization if our members attend general meetings and local committee meetings regularly.’ Keeping these words in mind, our Central Region Committee has today organized a general meet with the volunteers and members in Indore. Mr. Daidipya (The Executive Head, Central Region) was present and presided the meeting. Mr. Vikas along with Aditi, Neha, Shahid and others were present at the meeting. The objectives of our organisation and methods to achieve these goals were discussed in short. Mr. Daidipya advised the members to be sincere and responsible in their activities and was agreed upon by other members.

In the end it was decided to meet regularly to discuss about the progress made every two weeks and to review new challenges faced and their solution discussed in a democratic way.

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2 Responses

  1. Daidipya Singh says:

    It is necessary here to mention those who were not present even after making commitment. They had problems which could have been easily shorted out. Though I would like to name those people but the rules of our organization stop me from naming the defaulters in public. The reason for mentioning them here is to just make them realize their casual approach towards RaiseThyVoice, which is totally unacceptable. I would like to declare at this juncture and have full support of the Founding Committee that the people are allowed to join us iff they wish to serve the distressed voices and not only wish but also act responsibly to fulfill these wishes. Come, join and serve.

  2. Neha Sharma says:

    RaiseThyVoice first meeting, it was not the way I was expecting like everyone out there expecting, I was expecting abt going to orphanage, doing charity n all, but it was abt us, abt me.. Before initializing to help others I have to help MYSELF, to overcome these illusions Im living around, this insensitiveness that made me blind to the people’s suffering around me…. so for helping or changing something around me first I have to change n that I’ll start From today.

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