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    dear white/black/brown skin friends,
    I don’t know how this Sickness came into human civilization,where by color an individual is pursued,where beauty is obsessed with white color,you must noticed even a newly born infant is in grab of this insanity,where his/her beauty praise on behalf of color.I blame media too who obsess with white color,a hero/heroine portrait with white color instead art of artist,In all sorts of ads white color endorse, This sickness is so much deep rooted in our mind that we are not ready to accept it.even among their children parents have more affection toward fair complex,you too must be confronted with such insanity in day to day life,at least next time you praise/pursue some1 particularly in front of your children don’t use fair color to define beauty/personality.i choose white girlfriend/bride,you choose white boyfriend/groom, just think why!I AM INSANE ARE YOU TOO?????


    its true wish everyone sees the world from ur eyes

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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