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    dear friends,
    Before i raise my concern with you all,let me brief you small story which will help us to understand the problem,
    Once a regular puja(religious ceremonies) taking place at a family,During it a Goat moving around and disturbing things, a man caught that goat and tied with the bamboo which use to built mundap ,this all incident was watched by children from distance, they thought goat is part of rituals practice,So when they grew up and organize puja they intentionally caught a goat and tied near puja place. i believe this is how so many of us practices and follow such rituals too.i would like to draw your attention to some practices which loss us economically and intellectually too.
    You too must have seen wedding brides pouring rice over the head of groom which is totally wastage of rice,its seems a small amount but see in prospect of thousands of marriages taking place every day,you have done milk pouring at temple,Their are so many other practices which can be avoided,by refraining such many practices we can give upcoming generation intellectual and visible property.

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