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    dear Friend,
    you must be heard from our elders ‘School vidhya ka mandhir hai(a temple of knowledge)’ before i raise my voice let me share some figure with you all.
    shri ram school:85000(eighty five thousand only)
    Bhavans school:70000sevent (seventy thousand only)
    Delhi Public School:90000(ninety thousand only )
    prestige school:100000 (one lakh only)
    Agrawal public school:60000 (sixty thousand only)
    Daily college school :251850 (two lakh fifty one thousand eight hundred fifty only.)

    their r 100 other schools i can’t put all names here but all schools fees structure are same above mentioned figures,this is only fees, additional expenses exclude,like dress, fees for annual function and many more, you can guess the final figure & the amount they end with word ONLY.
    Here comes the democracy, right to equality,yesterday only i heard one of democratically elected our representative in parliament saying that India having more then 300 million(30 crores) below poverty line people n that too when our measurement scale is 32 rupees in village n 47 rupees in cities,its some kind of a joke or what, its almost 70 years of so called democratically independence but this much gap,one side for KG1 fees 1 lakh n other side 32 rupees per day is difficult,don’t you think either congress or BJP, or x prime minister or our present prime minister were/are not aware of fees figure,i strongly believe they intentionally don’t develop government schools because those private schools are politician and businessman investment only,so they always keep the govt school in inferior side,else i don’t find other reason,In name of education govt invest thousands of crores every budget, why don’t we have have a single government school with standard norms,why not a single politician or bureaucrats children enroll in govt school!i strongly believe govt should take over all private school n that possible, with same functioning body they can run school just ownership change,now some of you will say in spite of that govt should effort to standardize govt school, so my answer to them wait next 100 year n your will with same question.if majority can be denied for such long then why not minority sacrificed n that too for good intentions, in my friend words,In democracy always majority matters.

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