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    dear friends,
    it is really unfortunate and shameful that after so called 67 year of independence, manual scavenger still practice in india,Our copied constitution give right to live with equality and dignity to every citizen of this land,but its seems those group of people in society neglected completely,after supreme court activeness it made parliament to come with law to prohibit it,after a law also it is visible they are not provided with even basic accessories such as face masks and gloves when they go down sewers to clean them,these essential items do not cost much,but sadly,municipal corporations,which collect from citizens hundreds of crores of rupees as taxes,never bother to equip scavengers with these accessories. The cleaning of sewers should be mechanized and use of manual scavengers done away with.I really condemn this type of practices and urge administrative machinery to take proactive step to implement those guideline provided under law.

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