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    Dear Friends,
    Female feticide is truly a curse on the Indian society. There is known belief that child is a gift of God but does everyone take it as a gift? Yes, people do consider it as a gift but only if that happens to be a boy. Today morning I was shattered when my maid told me that she got abortion for the third time in last 8 months reason her in-laws desire for a Boy. If child is a gift or a blessing then why girls are not considered the same?


    If this incident has happened in your knowledge, then you must encourage the women to speak for her rights. She should be made aware of the laws concerning the illegality of this matter. And take phone number of hers if desirable, we will talk to her husband on behalf of our organisation.


    neha, i appreciate for upbringing this very heinous practice at forum.


    if she has gone for abortion as you mentioned, she must have visited some dr. or pathology for sex determination and that is illegal, you can find out from her where this kind of test take place,complain near by police station about that Pathology or you can ask local raisethy member for appropriate step collectively.


    today morning when my maid come i spoke to her on this, i was even more shocked when she brief that she didnt went for any kind of test some guru ji has predicted that she is having five daughters then son in her destiny.. so she did all this in blind faith of someone


    Next day when she comes to your place, advise her not to believe in these superstitions and ask her to complain in the police if her family forces her to do so again. If she finds it difficult to tell the police, she must tell us if this happens next time, but the first thing she should do to tell her family that she does not believe in such activities and will not do it again.


    I have already talked abt this to her, at present we have given her leave for one week leave ,bcoz she is too feeble to work..

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