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    dear friend,
    Everyone of us notice a women comes at our home everyday, Even her one day absence can be known by hue & cry at house,those cursing & threatening echoes goes on until she does not come next day with reasonable reason, we know her as Naukarani.
    She get up earlier in morning first to finish her household work so that she can reach at time to work at our house,small children left at home on neighbor custody or those kids learn very fast to manage themselves,but she anyhow mange to visit during one house to other house interval so she can prepare food for them.
    firstly she should not be address NAUKARANI or BAI,which most of us do, Every1 have right to live with dignity,If not by name then Care taker can be use, Government should register them & avail all facility which comes under Labour law, like paid holiday, at least 4 days a month, ESI and PF,minimum wages should made,its not a big task, by making a authorize community at every ward with registration under the supervision of Ward representative can be materialize, they are not asking extra its their due right.
    but from today we can do Two things, initiate Paid holiday and address her with respect.


    We should call anybody by her name if younger and with respect if older. I do not think anybody calls them naukar aur naukrani while addressing them. Yes but while referring them as third person one might call them as maid. And yes all domestic workers have a right of atleast a day off in a week. As enshrined in our constitution under Article 42 that State should make provision to secure just and human condition of work and for maternity relief. While article 43 directs state to ensure a living wage and a decent standard of living life. These are the guiding principles for the govt as well as the individuals.


    DS<you made a valid point here,even i would say raise thy voice team should write letter to PMO or concerning department to bring this issue into their notice, as we all know our present prime minister mother too used to work as maid so who can understand better then him, they been neglected for such a long time, a urgent step been needed for this deprived group.


    i could say some basic steps can be taken at our level like providing them one paid holiday in a week.. some more steps can be taken like providing them medical health or if we are capable enough we can pay her children’s schools fees, it will help to improvise her family conditions

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